Friday, August 1, 2014

Reading Street Detective Game

What child doesn’t love to pretend to be a detective! I know my students do! I give them a magnifying glass and they are good to go! In saying that I have created a sight word detective game for Reading Street. I have Unit R completed and posted, and I am working on Unit 1. I used these in the past, and my students loved them, so I decided to make one for every story! I am hoping this will either be a center or a fun choice game for them to play. Each story has its own mat. The mat contains a scene that reflects the story. I have hidden the words in the scene. The words are listed so the students know what to look for. After the find the words, they trace the word, write the words, and then write a sentence with the word. I hope you students enjoy these as much as mine do! I have posted some pictures for you to see what it looks like!

 Make sure you check back for the other units as I get them completed! I am hoping to make these with the amazing words and spelling words as well. So keep your fingers crossed that I get that done! 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

I have just posted a Kindergarten review packets on TPT. Check out my store to see this great center packet! It is filled with review skill including letter, color, and number match and much more! Make sure to purchase it now because I will be adding lots more to the packet; therefore, I will increase the price. SO BUY TODAY TO SAVE MONEY! Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, July 13, 2014


I am linking up with Mr. Greg very early this week, but I wanted to share these great finds, and thought this would be a great place to do so! So this is my Thrifty Thursday on a Sunday. I was scared if I waited to share these deals it would be to late, and you would not be able to get these to use in your classroom!

HI! Remember me I was that blogger that blogged 2 years ago, and then stopped!
Well I am back I hope! I wanted to start back blogging for several reasons. I love reading other teachers'  blogs because they are so inspiring, and I want to be able to have that same impact on other teachers. I have seen several people posting about great deals from Dollar Tree or Target, but I wanted to share some items that I have found at Office Max and Office Depot this weekend.

The first deal I found was at Office Depot. I was floored when I saw this deal! It was a pack of 5 black sharpies for a $1.00!  Naturally I bought the LIMIT1 Why do stores limit items??? Probably because of crazy teachers like me who walk up to the counter with their arms full! I always walk up with a smile, so I think that helps.

The next two deals were found at Office Max. The first deal was two pocket folders for 1 cent! YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! They cost a penny a piece! I bought 25 of each color, which totaled 125 lovely folders! I have no idea if I will ever use all the folders, but I don’t have self-control when it comes to a good deal!  After my fianc√© and I gathered up all 125 folders, we began our walk to check out. I looked at Dustin and said do not let me buy anything else.  Well I happened to walk past an area set up for school supplies, and that’s when I saw them! They looked so lovely sitting there in the box next to all the other school supplies. I noticed the little white tag in front of them that read 1 cent! I was in awe! What am I talking about you ask? I am talking about INDEX CARDS! 
 I hope you enjoy these deals as much as I do! These deals will stop 7/19/14, so make sure you head over to Office Max and Office Depot to get your deals!
Check back to see how I use some of these items!

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