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I am linking up with Mr. Greg very early this week, but I wanted to share these great finds, and thought this would be a great place to do so! So this is my Thrifty Thursday on a Sunday. I was scared if I waited to share these deals it would be to late, and you would not be able to get these to use in your classroom!

HI! Remember me I was that blogger that blogged 2 years ago, and then stopped!
Well I am back I hope! I wanted to start back blogging for several reasons. I love reading other teachers'  blogs because they are so inspiring, and I want to be able to have that same impact on other teachers. I have seen several people posting about great deals from Dollar Tree or Target, but I wanted to share some items that I have found at Office Max and Office Depot this weekend.

The first deal I found was at Office Depot. I was floored when I saw this deal! It was a pack of 5 black sharpies for a $1.00!  Naturally I bought the LIMIT1 Why do stores limit items??? Probably because of crazy teachers like me who walk up to the counter with their arms full! I always walk up with a smile, so I think that helps.

The next two deals were found at Office Max. The first deal was two pocket folders for 1 cent! YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! They cost a penny a piece! I bought 25 of each color, which totaled 125 lovely folders! I have no idea if I will ever use all the folders, but I don’t have self-control when it comes to a good deal!  After my fianc√© and I gathered up all 125 folders, we began our walk to check out. I looked at Dustin and said do not let me buy anything else.  Well I happened to walk past an area set up for school supplies, and that’s when I saw them! They looked so lovely sitting there in the box next to all the other school supplies. I noticed the little white tag in front of them that read 1 cent! I was in awe! What am I talking about you ask? I am talking about INDEX CARDS! 
 I hope you enjoy these deals as much as I do! These deals will stop 7/19/14, so make sure you head over to Office Max and Office Depot to get your deals!
Check back to see how I use some of these items!

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